What Is The Legal Age To Get A Tattoo In Canada?


Humans have been fascinated by tattoos since ages and they have even been found on the mummies in Egypt. Though the origin of tattoos is unknown, mankind has been tattooing for various purposes like religious, identification marks and sentiments. Today tattoos are more commonly used as cosmetic makeup. Tattooing in Canada is relatively new as compared to the other countries like US, Japan, and many European countries. Tattooing is now becoming a popular way to display one’s attitude in Canada.

What is tattooing
Health department of Canada states that tattooing is a form of art in which pigments of different colors are deposited permanently on the skin through a vibrating machine that has many sharp needles attached at one end. These needles puncture the skin hundreds of times in a minute and deposit the pigment. The depth of these depositions is about 1 to 2mm. To practice this art one has to take license from the authorities as this art requires great care to avoid transmitting infectious diseases.

Legal age to get tattoo in Canada
Like many other countries Canadian law is very scanty when it comes to defining the legal age of the person who can get tattoo. The law states that any person above the age of 18 years can get tattoo and if the age of the person is below 18 years then if accompanying person is above the age of 18 then he is allowed to sign for the under aged person. For persons below the age of 18 the parents or guardians consent is necessary. The consent form has to be filled by persons over the age of 18 years as well stating.

That they are they are undertaking tattooing procedure of their own free will.
They are not under the influence of alcohol or drug.
They are well aware that tattoo is permanent.

Precautions to be taken
It is strongly advised by the experts that persons below 14 years should not get tattooed as the growing skin stretches with age and makes the skin look very bad at the place where tattoo was made.
One should get tattooing from a licensed person because Canadian authorities carry out regular inspections to prevent infections and other contagious diseases, from spreading, associated with tattooing.

One should get tattoo done by an artist known for hygiene rather than art as it is very common to get infectious diseases from tattooing.

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